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Greenbrier consults for some of the world’s leading companies, organizations and individuals, offering expertise in corporate communications and media relations, crisis management and preparedness, and public affairs.

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Corporate Communications and Storytelling

Your brand shouldn’t be defined by the media or your competitors, but by effective storytelling delivered to the right audience. Whether you are trying to put your company on the map, launching a new product, preparing for a public listing, or raising the profile of your key executives, we can help. Our team of seasoned experts has worked with hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals to develop targeted, relevant and authentic narratives and media relations strategies that deliver measurable gains.

Crisis Management and Preparedness

Crises can damage your corporate brand, personal reputation, employee morale and have lasting financial impact. We have more than 40 years of experience managing and recovering from crises experienced by household name companies, smaller organizations, startups, and individuals. We also work with clients to anticipate potential crises that could impact their brand. Through a comprehensive crisis audit process, we develop playbooks for handling serious issues — preparation that pays huge dividends when a crisis actually occurs.

Blockchain and Web3

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Whether you are a traditional business exploring new opportunities in this field, an emerging Web3 company, or an established player in the industry, we can help you shape public perception and drive successful community, media, and policy outcomes for your project. Our work has taken us to nearly every corner of the industry from upstart DeFi projects to leading wallets and exchanges and global NFT marketplaces.

Public Affairs

At the intersection of policy and communications, we’re experts at influencing groups of people into action. From policymakers to the public, and from interest groups to the media, we create compelling narratives and comprehensive campaigns, and will advise your business on how to most effectively navigate political and regulatory challenges.

Media Training

Every interaction with the media is both an opportunity and a risk: they want something from you, you want something from them, and it’s rarely the same thing. We work with our clients to ensure they are comfortable dealing with the media, and understand the rules, tips and tricks to help make every media interaction a win.

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Seasoned Experts

Our team of seasoned experts helps companies, organizations and individuals develop targeted, relevant and authentic narratives and proven communications strategies that consistently deliver measurable gains.

Meet the Team
Greenbrier is a division of The Messina Group

A full-service strategic consulting firm, The Messina Group (TMG) helps clients win good fights and change the world, harnessing the power of data-driven, political campaign strategies to achieve victory in the corporate, advocacy, and political spheres. Founded by Jim Messina, Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, TMG is trusted by presidents, prime ministers, and corporate leaders around the world with the biggest fights of their lives.

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