Blockchain & Web3

Shaping the future of crypto, one story at a time.

Crypto is going through an incredible period of validation, proving once and for all that it’s here to stay. The hype will always be there, but this time we have real use cases, infrastructure breakthroughs, and broad institutional and retail adoption of the industry. We’re witnessing the emergence of companies and thought leaders that will shape our society over the coming decades — and we live to tell those stories.

Like any frontier technology, there is still an opportunity to bridge the gap between the builders, the users, the decision-makers, and the media and influencers who shape public opinion. Absent this critical work, misconceptions, and negative narratives will continue to monopolize the conversation around crypto. The bottom line is that sound communications and policy strategies are fundamental to reaching the next stage of adoption for this industry.
Whether a traditional business exploring new opportunities, an emerging company, or an established player in the industry, we help our clients shape public perception and drive successful community, media, and policy outcomes for their projects. Our work has taken us to nearly every corner of the industry, from leading wallets and exchanges to top Bitcoin miners, to Layer 1s, and deep into the world of DeFi.

Corporate & Proactive Communications

Greenbrier specializes in managing the corporate communications of its clients, which is done by developing compelling messaging, crafting and executing media strategies, serving as spokespeople, building relationships with the media, landing high-impact stories, and everything in between. We accomplish this by leveraging our extensive network of reporters across mainstream, broadcast, and crypto-focused media.

Reactive Communications & Crisis Management

Greenbrier helps companies respond to a crisis by rapidly developing a plan and messaging that counters inaccurate and misleading themes, then leading the media relations efforts to deploy the messaging and shorten the duration of a negative press cycle. We have decades of combined experience managing crises both as in-house communications leaders and as external partners. We’ve seen it all, and we excel in the trenches of high-pressure, sensitive environments.

Policy & Public Affairs

At the intersection of policy and communication, we’re experts at influencing groups of people into action. From policymakers to the public, and from interest groups to the media, we create compelling narratives and comprehensive campaigns and will advise your business on how to most effectively navigate political and regulatory challenges.

Media Training

Greenbrier helps prepare spokespeople to win every media interaction or public engagement through dedicated workshops where we guide them through the fundamentals of media engagement, some key tactical execution strategies, and some of the golden rules to answer reporters. These trainings are capped by on-camera mock interviews and annotated feedback after the fact.

Research, Data Reporting, & Analysis

In a data-driven world, we believe it’s essential for projects of all sizes to rely on qualitative and quantitative research to inform their communications efforts. Greenbrier builds tailored reports and analyses to address key questions, inform strategy, define success metrics across press and social, and benchmark against internal success metrics. One of our core operating principles is to measure everything we possibly can.

Digital Strategy & Marketing

By working cross-functionally with The Messina Group’s digital team, we bring a successful track record of conducting successful targeted digital campaigns, measuring the effectiveness of your messaging, and analyzing online sentiment. This allows us to offer a blended digital marketing and communications function, which is vital to success in the blockchain space. We also support our clients with content planning and execution, and building their thought leadership profile online.